Few days ago i have started to work on the second project for the TIE course. It has two parts. The first one, in my case, has to do with the book of Mr. Michael Raynor, "The Strategy Paradox, Why committing to success leads to failure and what to do about it".

Very interesting and real challenging the title. First phase requests to entirely read the book and then apply the knowledge critically in answering a number of questions.

The second part is dedicated to a case analysis on Hotmail company. A number of events is discussed and evaluated while there are some queries related to the development of the company as an entrepreneurial model.

The project took me 5 weeks to complete. There is a common base in these two parts which is innovation. In addition, it was proved that this project was a good stimulus for getting closer with the entrepreneurial spirit and surveing a number of corresponded resources.

Below i am placing the final version of the project as submitted on 15 February 2008.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Prior to the final version, i have used some brainstorming models in order to structure my thoughts and findings while studying various resources. I assume that these mind-maps are much useful as they illustrate in a clear way my conclusions. These are the experiences of the "trip" until reaching the completion of the project. In any case, they can give to a reader a compressed knowledge of what i have researched so far and consist a milestone for further review. If we focus and cooperate we can achieve much more through the use of technology.

Clicking the link you will see the main points of the book "The Strategy Paradox", in an one-page-illustration. Following the path you may feel in the exit that you have read the book. It is an alternative way to gain knowledge in a compressed manner.

THE STRATEGY PARADOX: One-page-illustration (created in a mind mapping tool)

Mind mapping is a technique that definitely can help us to structure our ideas. Mapping your ideas, you can better review them. Reviewing your ideas, you may possibly end in improved versions. The derived plan will give you a strong image and a base to return from time-to-time just to re-think, evaluate and acquire knowledge to apply on out daily applications.

I have prepared one b-s model (brainstorming model) which helped me in my research regarding the book review. Actually this the guide where i have based my work.

The Strategy Paradox - contents and parts