After a thorough investigation concerning the potential subject of my dissertation i have concluded that primary thoughts and passion on the idea of "Recycling Stock Market" would be a strong motive to perform this research. Although it is a complicated subject i expect to achieve much and contribute to the recycling effort. Moreover the original ambition is to further implement it in a business and realistic manner in order to submit it in the European Commission.

I have officialy declared the subject of my dissertation on the 28th of January 2009 and i proceed with my research. I have already prepared a Research Description which may be downloaded here. Although this was not included in the typical obligations of the research scheme, i considered it as essential and meaningful. It is an important step to gather your thoughts and original ideas and put them in a structured way in a piece of paper. This could turn in a useful tool for further reference and guidance.

In parallel i am studying on the literature of the dissertation, trying to organise it with the help of literature taxonomy technique. It is essential and useful since this will provide me with a number of important points on the selected subject (Recycling Stock Market). During the phase of research proposal i am ending with new and interesting resources, especially books and reports that will support and drive my whole effort. New points, additional ideas, combinations are some of the elements that have enriched my thoughts so far, due to these resources.

On the 12th of March i have submitted the Research Proposal which could be downladed from here.

On the 30th of June i have submitted the Dissertation Interim Report, which could be downloaded from here.

The Dissertation was submitted on 30th of November 2009 and you may find it .