I have started the collection of literature regarding this subject. I admit that although i have been part of such communities during my life i had not realise so far the complexity and the scheme under which they can operate. It is a big opportunity to go deeper and investigate elements and dimensions of this communication tool.

It seems that the use of technology had affected the power and the status of these communities in a way that nowadays they are considered as a strong tool both for societies and companies.

Due date to submit this project (as this is part of my masters degree) is the 11 January 2008, so in the meantime, gathered material and parts of my survey will be uploaded at this page in order to share my experience with you.

The project was submitted on 11 January 2008, as promised. A number of references and bibliography were used to help me clearly understand and give some filtered information for further review. That was my mission. To create a technical report where other researchers could find some meanings, ideas and structured approaches. I am giving the link below where you can download it. It took me 4 weeks exactly of daily work to complete it.

CoPs in the Knowledge Society

This model helped me in my research regarding Communities of Practice

Communities of Practice - Main scheme

In addition, through my work i have made some extra models trying to encapsulate my findings. As the subject is very important, i have tried to approach and analyse it in different ways.

The Key Components for a group in order to be a Community of Practice

A great number of resources were used for this project