The coursework had a start date of 16november08 and was due to 19december08. It was a group project. Excellent opportunity to speculate our innovative mentality. The assignment had three phases. The last one was dedicated to a presentation in front of an audience. That gave me an incentive to make a small artwork as i considered it useful for the idea's presentation.

Below i am giving the coursework material as submitted:

New Product Development (the groupwork) - (the individual work) - (the presentation)

The idea was presented in front of our classmates. Below are given some photos from our presentation where it is illustrated the small artwork.

The idea had to do with mobile e-commerce. Actually we had introduced the experience of playing with an e-commerce utility while being inside a bus. The service was addressed to the local transportation company. We named the service "HABIT" and our moto was "Turn your bore into action with interaction". A simple service for passengers using their mobile phones at no cost.

This is the operational planogram of the service as we perceived it. Many thanks to my classmate Chris Koimtzis who had reviewed it technically and introduced the necessary alterations.